carbon mechanical components

Groundbreaking achievements in materials and processes


Practice-based system solutions for the most diverse applications. We want our customers to achieve optimum weight, cost and performance every time. Lightweight components for storage technology, highly-rigid composite fibre parts for the forestry sector and rotating components for the offshore industry.

The use of the most diverse composite materials provides for the most diverse properties, such as vibration damping, acoustics, puncture protection and resistance to cutting.
Carbon structures are extremely lightweight, have excellent stability, are corrosion-free and have excellent energy absorption in the event of a crash.

In the power plant sector too, carbon composite materials are increasingly being used for the production of ….








HINTSTEINER GmbH is a company that has specialised in the development and production of plastic components and plastic moulded parts. Pure CRP components are not viable in many sectors.

Whether you require carbon prototypes or small runs made of carbon, you are at the right place with us. We manufacture carbon components for defence engineering, for the medical sector and also for the food industry. Individual carbon, GRP and CRP housings have excellent rigidity and are very lightweight. Composite carbon with rubber or silicone also has excellent properties, especially with flexible, soft parts that need to be food-compatible. Load-bearing carbon elements are already used in timber extraction. The advantage of these materials is their low expansion, light weight, excellent absorption of acceleration forces and outstanding rigidity.